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I tend to jump from project to project with maddening unpredictability, so whether or not I can actually get any of these done (alone) is anyone's guess. At any rate, here's what to expect from me:

The Virtual World (temp title)

Formerly known as "After Game Night"

This started out as an idea for a massive crossover machinima/sprite animation that mutated into an exploration into a fictional "behind the scenes" of game development from the perspective of game characters. This then merged into an attempt to tell the story of the Vocaloids and their music-based world, creating a wholly virtual world populated by synthetic singers, fighters, and civilians alike.

A Course in Advanced Rebellion

A Steven Universe based AU-fiction exploring the science behind Gem life, the relationships between humans and Gems, and the conflicts between three distinct rebel groups with differing opinions on what is good for the Earth. You can find information on it here and here.

The Freaks We Know

An anthology project of one-off stories in the vein of the Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits, all centered around the concept of mixing reality with fantasy, especially where fantastic elements leak into real world situations, forcing people to adapt, fight back, or assimilate into the madness. Current stories in the works for this project include "Enter the Monster Zone", "Space Freaks", "Elements of the Apocalypse", "Extraterrestrial Friends Forever", and "You Work for Me, Said the Swain to the King".

Project Vibrant (temp title)

Formerly known as "Earth Defense Force C.R.A.C.K.P.O.T."

A burlesque of the Ultraman franchise set within a universe where rubbery size-shifters (known as the Vibrant) live alongside unpowered humans. Vibrant heroes Patricia (the Princess) and Rodney (the Rogue) fight against threats of all shapes and sizes, while learning that not every problem can be solved with theatrical heroics and an optimistic attitude. In its previous incarnation, the Princess worked for C.R.A.C.K.P.O.T., a ragtag team of monster fighters, to stop extraterrestrial threats, though I found the threats better writing than the heroes at times.

I also have some other shelved projects a bit too embarrassing for here (projects unshelved are denoted here by their former title), as well as various concepts for albums and art. Whether or not I'll be able to put them on display here, or anywhere else, is dependent on my muse.

Stay tuned!